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Extraordinary General Meetings shall be called:-

  1. When found necessary by the Management Committee.
  2. On receipt by the Management Committee of a written request to the Honorary Secretary signed by not less than eight paid-up members, stating the object for which the calling of a meeting is required. Notice and purpose of the meeting must be given to all Members of the Association at least seven days before its convening, by publishing a notice locally.


  1. The annual subscriptions per house shall be determined from time to time at a Members' Meeting. One subscription shall give voting rights to two members of a household. A reduction shall be allowed for senior citizens, unemployed residents and one-parent families. This reduction shall be determined at the setting of the annual subscriptions.
  2. Members are not entitled to the privileges and voting rights of the Association until they have duly paid their Annual Subscription.
  3. The financial year shall be from 1st May to 30th April, and the Membership year shall be within the same period.

A banking account or accounts shall be maintained in the name of Brandlesholme Residents' Association. Cheques must be signed by any two of the three signatures in the bank's possession, i.e. Chairman, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary. Payments of any amount will be by cheque.